User friendly PLL Design and Simulation Software

SimPLL is a comprehensive PLL design and analysis package. With SimPLL you can rapidly design your PLL and accurately predict phase noise,  lock times,  worst case reference spurs,  lock detect performance and more.   It is easy to compare chips,  loop filters (even fast lock options) and more

The SimPLL designer wizard will have your PLL designed to your requirements in under a minute.   SimPLL has libraries of PLL IC data for many standard chips so you won't have to scour the manufacturer's data sheet for key parameters.

SimPLL provides an interactive design and analysis environment in which you can optimize your design.   Investigate the transient response and phase noise as you vary the phase margin.   Try out different loop filters,  passive and active.   Try different op amps and see the effects on phase noise and reference spurs.  Watch how non-linear effects such as charge pump voltage clipping and phase detector cycle slipping alter the transient response.   Alter your lock-detect circuit and see the response time.  Compare analog and digital lock detect options.   Watch the ACI or residual FM change as you alter the loop bandwidth.   See op-amp bias currents affect the ref spurs,  try out fast lock techniques - on the computer not on the prototype.

SimPLL is likely to pay for itself with the first PLL you design as it typically removes at least one design iteration.   

With SimPLL you have a real chance of getting most PLL designs right first time - even the tough ones! 

SimPLL works.   It is based on the in-house PLL simulation tools which we have developed during many years of PLL design at Applied Radio Labs.   The fast simulation core uses sophisticated algorithms that provide accurate results with real time interactivity.

Try out the FREE demo.   This includes an interactive tutorial which demonstrates PLL phase noise optimization,  reference spur calculation,  non-linear effects in transient responses and more. 

Purchasing is easy,  pay by credit card and receive a license code by email to unlock the program.   We also provide you with a second code for your home computer.